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2010 Barrett Memorial Lectures

Discrete Differential Geometry and Applications

May 17-21, 2010

Discrete differential geometry is concerned with: (1) discretization of concepts from classical differential and conformal geometry of surfaces; (2) creation of fast, flexible algorithms for computations with the objects of this discrete theory; and (3) application of the theory and software in mathematics, science, and engineering. The conference will be organized around these 5 interconnected themes.

Probability and Surfaces, Rick Kenyon (Brown University)
Matthew Kahle (Stanford)
Russ Lyons (Indiana)
Scott Sheffield (MIT)
Lauren Williams (Berkeley)
David Wilson (Microsoft)

Discrete Integrable Systems, Alexander Bobenko (TU – Berlin)
Ulrich Pinkall (TU – Berlin)
Wolfgang Schief (NSW)
Boris Springborn (TU – Berlin)

Discrete Conformal Geometry, Elias Wegert (Freiberg)
Edward Crane (Bristol)
Feng Luo (Rutgers)

DDG for Fast Computational Algorithms, Peter Schröder (CalTech)
Mathieu Desbrun (Caltech)
MaxWardetzky (Goettingen)
Steffen Weissmann (TU-Berlin)

Combinatorial Surfaces, Ken Stephenson (Tennessee)
Omer Angel (UBC)
William Floyd (VPI&SU)
Jonathan Shewchuk (Berkeley)

Ulrich Pinkall, TU-Berlin: Polygonal Smoke
Elias Wegert, Freiberg: On Riemann-Hilbert Problems in Circle Packing
David Glickenstein, Arizona: Conformal Variations of Regge’s Einstein-Hilbert Functional
Edward Crane, University of Bristol, England: Branched circle packings and the Weierstrass P-function
Brock Williams, Texas Tech: Circle packing coordinates for moduli space
Russell Lyons, Indiana University: Random complexes via tooplogically-inspired determinants
D. Champion, D. Glickenstein, A. Young, Arizona: Poster: The behavior of the Einstein-Hilbert-Regge functional on the double tetrahedron
Ulrike Bucking, TU-Berlin: On existence and convergence of conformally equivalent triangle meshes for conformal mappings and regular lattices
Emanuel Huhnen-Venedey, TU-Berlin: Curvature line parameterized sufaces and orthogonal coordinate systems — discretization with Dupin cyclides
Jonathan Shewchuk, Berkeley: Dynamic local remeshing for elastoplastic simulation
William Floyd, VPI: Finite subdivision rules and rational functions
Gerald Orick, Naval Air Warfare Lab: Computational circle packing
Hans Fritz, Freiburg: Computation of Ricci curvature for given hypersurfaces using the finite element method
Boris Springborn, TU-Berlin: Discrete conformal maps and ideal hyperbolic polyhedra
Ken Stephenson, Tennessee: Poster: Emergent conformal structure: circle packing
Yong Lin, Harvard and Renmin University: Ricci curvature on graphs
David Gu, Stony Brook: Computing surface conformal mapping
Scott Sheffield, MIT: Liouville Quantum gravity and KPZ
Dan Champion, David Glickenstein, Andrea Young, Arizona: Poster: The behavior of the Einstein-Hilbert-Regge functionsl on the double tetrahedron

Conference Organizers:

  • Ken Stephenson of the University of Tennessee
  • Alexander Bobenko of the Technical University, Berlin
Sponsored by: University of Tennessee Mathematics Department, College of Arts & Sciences, Office of Research, the DFG Research Unit “Polyhedral Surfaces”, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (Participating Institution Conference), and National Science Foundation (pending)