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Math Graduate Student Council (MGSC)

MGSC Members

All graduate students in the Mathematics Department are invited to participate in student governance of their department. In particular, the Mathematics Graduate Student Council (MGSC) is an elected body composed solely of mathematics graduate students. Its primary purposes include: promoting cohesion and cooperation among mathematics graduate students, lobbying for and/or supporting the interests of mathematics graduate students, and serving as a liaison between mathematics graduate students and the department’s faculty, staff, and administration. All mathematics graduate students are encouraged to run for MGSC office, as well as share with the MGSC any ideas/concerns/suggestions they may have. In addition, the MGSC organizes Town Hall meetings at least once each semester for all graduate students in the Mathematics Department. For more information, or if you have questions regarding the the MGSC, please email

Current Officers:

  • Leigh Percy (President)
  • John McAlister (President)
  • Jessica Kingsley (Treasurer)
  • Chiara Mattamira (Secretary) 


If you are would like to read the MGSC bylaws you can view them here: Bylaws