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Stefan Richter Gives AMS Regional Meeting Plenary Lecture

On November 6, 2010, Stefan Richter delivered an invited plenary address at the Fall Sectional Meeting of the American Mathematical Society in Richmond, Virginia. The title of his lecture was “Boundary behavior and invariant subspaces in spaces of analytic functions.”

There are at most 4 Plenary Lectures at each of the 4 AMS regional meetings held twice a year. Hence there are at most 32 AMS Plenary Lectures nationally each year. Here is a list of UT faculty who have given plenary addresses at AMS meetings in the 1975-2010 period:

  • Stefan Richter (2010)
  • Sergey Gavrilets (2007)
  • David Anderson (1998)
  • Alan George (1998)
  • Jack Dongarra (1994)
  • John Walsh (1984)
  • Thomas Hallam (1976)
  • Robert Daverman (1975)