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Suzanne Lenhart Receives Patent for CPR Procedure

US Patent # 7,311,680 was awarded to Suzanne Lenhart (UT), Vladimir Protopopescu (ORNL and UT), and Eunok Jung (Korea) on Dec. 25, 2007. The title of their patent is: “Optimal Control of CPR Procedure Using Hemodynamic Circulation Model.”

Patent Abstract: A method for determining a chest pressure profile for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) includes the steps of representing a hemodynamic circulation model based on a plurality of difference equations for a patient, applying an optimal control (OC) algorithm to the circulation model, and determining a chest pressure profile. The chest pressure profile defines a timing pattern of externally applied pressure to a chest of a patient to maximize blood flow through the patient. A CPR device includes a chest compressor, a controller communicably connected to the chest compressor, and a computer communicably connected to the controller. The computer determines the chest pressure profile by applying an OC algorithm to a hemodynamic circulation model based on the plurality of difference equations.

This patent is partially based on results published in the following papers:

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