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Math Honors Resources


  • Maintain a 3.4 GPA in upper division math courses required for the major 
  • Maintain a 3.25 overall GPA
  • Enroll in two upper division math sequences (rather than one), at least one of which must be honors or graduate level
  • Enroll in at least four hours of Math 497
  • Enroll in 3 hours of thesis (498) prior to graduation
  • Complete a senior thesis, normally presented in Math 497 or an approved conference, making good progress in the semester prior to graduation
  • Enroll in 24 hours of honors courses (possibly not in math) or math courses numbered 510 and above
  • Schedule and complete courses decided upon during advising with Dr. Nicoara each semester
  • Meet monthly with a faculty mentor, and maintain a record of the meetings on the mentoring/attendance form below
  • Attend three mathematics-related public lectures (such as the Junior Colloquium) each semester, recording attendance on the form below

Math Honors students are expected to attend the Junior Colloquium whenever possible. Students who do not meet the GPA requirements after the end of any semester will be placed on probationary status, and must meet the GPA requirements in each subsequent semester to remain in the Math Honors Program. Math Honors students must consult Dr. Nicoara prior to changing their course schedules from what was agreed upon during advising.

Mentoring/Math Talk Form 

Students receiving the Math Honors Scholarship should print the form below and give the form to Ms. Tina Murr in Ayres 225B at the end of each semester. A visit to your mentor is required four times per semester, roughly every month.