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Undergraduate Mathematics

Math Placement 

What should you take for your first math class at UT?  Look here to determine the place to start that will give you the best chance to reach your goals.

Need Help with Math?

Find out more about the supports and strategies that will help you succeed in your math classes.

Math Major and Minor 

A math major or minor develops your problem solving skills and provides a solid foundation for a variety of careers.  Look here for more about the major/minor and upper-level math courses.

Math Activities

Want to get involved in the UT Math Department?  Look here to find out how. 

Math Scholarships 

The math department offers a number of scholarships to current and prospective students.  Look here for more information.

Math Careers

Former UT math majors have become actuaries, analysts, doctors, lawyers, researchers, teachers and much more.  Look here to find out more about career options.