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Thomas AdedejiGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Kelechi AkwataghibeGraduate StudentWAB E202Email
Vasilios AlexiadesProfessor Emeritus213 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4922
Amer AljadaniGraduate StudentEmail
David AndersonProfessor EmeritusEmail
Pamela ArmentroutGraduate Coordinator208 Ayres Hall Email865 974-2464
Bernardo AmeneyroGraduate Student125 Ayres HallEmail
George BabusGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Dominic BairGraduate StudentM313A Walters Academic BuildingEmail
Charlotte BeckfordGraduate Student109 Ayres HallEmail
Michael BerryProfessor in EECS616 Min H Kao Email
Allan BickleLecturer125 Ayres Hall Email
Liam BittingGraduate Student191 Hoskins Email
Daniel BondGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Martina BoukaGraduate StudentWAB E202Email
Theodora BourniAssociate Professor225B Ayres HallEmail865 974-4298
Hamparsum BozdoganProfessor in Business Analytics & Statistics245 Stokely Management CenterEmail
John “Spud” BradleyProfessor EmeritusEmail
Nataliya BrodskaTesting Support Center ManagerG012A2 Ayres Hall Email865 974-4188
Nikolay BrodskiyProfessor, Associate Head for Math General Education242 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4322
Alex BrooksGraduate StudentWAB E202Email
Elisha BrooksGraduate StudentM313 Walters Academic Bldg Email
Steven BuchananGraduate StudentM313A Walters Academic Building Email
Tibor BurdetteGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Nathan BurnsGraduate StudentM313A Walters Academic Building Email
Emily CampbellLecturerF235 Walters Academic Building Email
Ryan CampbellGraduate Student223 Ayres HallEmail
Dustin CartwrightAssociate Professor210 Ayres HallEmail865-974-1100
Xia ChenProfessor318 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4303
Jeneva ClarkDistinguished Lecturer230 Ayres HallEmail865 974-3708
Charles CollinsProfessor, Associate Dean310B Ayres HallEmail865-974-6514
James ConantFR-Adjunct Professor and Research Mathematician at Gemological Institute of AmericaEmail
April ConnerDistinguished Lecturer, Math 125 Course Coordinator106 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4283
Hannah ConnerGraduate StudentEmail
John ConwayProfessor EmeritusEmail
Tracy CookDistinguished Lecturer103 Ayres HallEmail865-974-6874
Stephen CowartGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Burnette CrombieUndergraduate Program Assistant247 Ayres Hall Email865 974-1478
Judy DayFR-Adjunct Associate ProfessorEmail
Anusrika DattaGraduate StudentWAB E202Email
Robert DavermanProfessor Emeritus217 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4228
Andrew DeasGraduate Student314 Ayres HallEmail
Dahkota DeBoldGraduate StudentWAB E202Email
Jared DeightonGraduate Student125 Ayres HallEmail
Jochen DenzlerAssociate Professor317 Ayres HallEmail865-974-5325
Jacob DennerleinGraduate Student223 Ayres HallEmail
Ivy DeyGraduate StudentWAB E206Email
David DobbsProfessor EmeritusEmail
Dalen DockeryGraduate StudentM313 Walters Academic Bldg Email
Rosario DowOffice Assistant227 Ayres Hall Email865 974-2461
Betsy DownsGraduate Student314 Ayres HallEmail
Jerzy DydakProfessor319 Ayres HallEmail865-974-0925
David ElzingaGraduate Student316 Ayres HallEmail
Katherine EvansFR-Adjunct Assistant ProfessorInstructional Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Chapman UniversityEmail
Hayden EverettGraduate StudentWAB E202Email
Kimberlyn EversmanGraduate Student234 Ayres HallEmail
Junyuan FangGraduate StudentWAB E202Email
Tahmina FarhinGraduate StudentWAB M313Email
Nina FeffermanProfessor in EEB447 Hesler Biology BuildingEmail
Xiaobing FengProfessor, Department Head218 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4287
Luis FinottiAssociate Professor251 Ayres HallEmail865-974-1321
Jennifer FowlerDistinguished Lecturer, Math 142 Course Coordinator104 Ayres HallEmail865-974-0926
Michael FrazierProfessor315 Ayres HallEmail865-974-8751
Alexandre FreireProfessor325 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4313
Tamah FridmanLecturer231 Ayres HallEmail865 974-0469
Shameca GandyAccounting Specialist227J Ayres Hall Email865 974-4260
Vitaly GanusovAssociate Professor in Microbiology301 Mossman BuildingEmail865 974-4547
David GarberGraduate StudentM313 Walters Academic Bldg Email
Barton GattisGraduate StudentM313 Walters Academic BuildingEmail
Sergey GavriletsDistinguished Professor in EEB529 Dabney-Buehler HallEmail865-974-8136
Michael GelantalisSenior LecturerF233 Walters Academic BuildingEmail
Angela GentrySenior Lecturer, Math 119 Course Coordinator108 Ayres HallEmail865-974-2401
Patrick GillespieGraduate Student125 Ayres HallEmail
Andy GilliamTerm LecturerEmail
Viktor GiordanoGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Apostolos GournarisGraduate Student233 Ayres HallEmail
Will GreenbergerGraduate StudentWAB E206Email
Louis GrossChancellor's Professor and Alvin and Sally Beaman Distinguished Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Mathematics401B Austin Peay BuildingEmail865 974-4295
Justin GrovesGraduate Student191 Hoskins LibraryEmail
Sam GruberGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Robert GuestDistinguished Lecturer127 Ayres HallEmail865-974-1143
Sandra Nguemto GuiawaGraduate Student191 Hoskins LibraryEmail
Evan HabbershawGraduate Student209 Ayres HallEmail
Jack HaightGraduate StudentWAB E206Email
Shannon HallGraduate StudentWAB M313Email
Michael HansonGraduate Student223 Ayres HallEmail
Sarah HarkinsGraduate StudentWAB E206Email
Cory HauckJoint Faculty Professor with ORNLApplied MathematicianEmail865 974-4383
Chris HellmannGraduate StudentWAB E206Email
Don HintonProfessor Emeritus217 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4228
Anne HoSenior Lecturer232 Ayres HallEmail865 974-0545
Jacob HoneycuttGraduate StudentM313 Walters Academic BuildingEmail
David HortonLecturerM313A Walters Academic BuildingEmail
Peter HumphriesSenior Lecturer191 Hoskins LibraryEmail
Lawrence HuschProfessor EmeritusEmail
Fotis IoannidisGraduate StudentWAB E206Email
Tariquel IslamGraduate Student233 Ayres HallEmail
Sagnik JanaGraduate StudentWAB E202Email
Marie JamesonAssociate Professor, Director of GTA Teaching Advising Program244 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4297
Lucy JiangGraduate Student234 Ayres HallEmail
Sam JordanProfessor EmeritusEmail
Ohannes KarakashianProfessor216 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4272
Anna KazanovaLecturer222 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4310
Jessica KingsleyGraduate StudentWAB E206Email
Collin KovacsGraduate StudentWAB E206Email
Johannes KrotzGraduate StudentWAB M313Email
Alexanderia LacyGraduate StudentAyres 316Email
Mathew LangfordAssistant Professor225A Ayres HallEmail865-974-4271
Maruf LawalGraduate StudentWAB M313Email
Anna LawsonLecturerF239 Walters Academic Building Email
Linda LayLecturer228 Ayres HallEmail
Nguyen Van LeGraduate StudentWAB E206Email
Minh LePostdoctoral AssociateEmail
Suzanne LenhartChancellor’s Professor235 Ayres HallEmail875-974-4270
Chelsea LewisLecturerEmail
Joan LindProfessor, Associate Head for Math Majors and Minors240 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4229
Toai LuongPostdoctoral AssociateEmail
Hoa LyGraduate StudentEmail
David ManderscheidProfessor241 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4284
Vasileios MaroulasProfessor202 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4302
Chiara MattamiraGraduate StudentAyres 234Email
John McAlisterGraduate StudentM313 Walters Academic Bldg Email
Daniel McBrideGraduate Student209 Ayres HallEmail
Marti McClardTerm LecturerEmail
Abigayle McClurkinLecturer125 Ayres Hall Email
Stephen McCoyGraduate Student209 Ayres HallEmail
Cannon McIntoshGraduate StudentM313 Walters Academic Bldg Email
Malissa MeadowsDistinguished Lecturer129 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4282
Juvy MeltonBusiness Manager227E Ayres Hall Email865 974-4261
Tadele MengeshaProfessor204 Ayres HallEmail865-974-6577
Jewel MilesGraduate StudentWAB M313Email
Edward MitchellGraduate Student125 Ayres HallEmail
Shashikant MulayProfessor238 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4296
Tina MurrDepartment Head Assistant227F Ayres Hall Email865 974-2463
Theresa NelsonLecturer108 Ayres HallEmail
Remus NicoaraProfessor, Director of Math Honors Program237 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4308
Vy NguyenLecturer228 Ayres HallEmail865 974-5237
Jared OhlerGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Chris PadgettGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Leigh PearcyGraduate Student316 Ayres HallEmail
Jordan PellettGraduate StudentAyres 234Email
Theodore PapamarkouFR-Adjunct ProfessorF106 Oak Ridge National Laboratories Building 5510AEmail
Maximilian PechmannPostdoctoral Associate236 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4252
Luis PiconGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Jaime Pinto-MorenoGraduate StudentEmail
Tuoc PhanProfessor211 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4329
Conrad PlautProfessor320 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4319
Ben PlumridgeGraduate StudentM313 Walters Academic BuildingEmail
Madison PrattGraduate StudentM313 Walters Academic Bldg Email
Angie PrineEvent Coordinator227H Ayres Hall Email865 974-4285
Karin PringleSenior LecturerF231 Walters Academic BuildingEmail
Olivia ProsperAssociate Professor245 Ayres HallEmail865-974-8763
Melissa PulleyGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Balram RajputProfessor Emeritus324 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4269
Anthony RamirezGraduate StudentM313 Walters Academic Bldg Email
Hussain RashedTerm Lecturer226 Ayres Hall Email
James RenGraduate StudentEmail
Sathya RengaswamiGraduate Student223 Ayres HallEmail
Juan RestrepoJoint Faculty Professor with ORNLSection Head, Mathematics In ComputationEmail865 341-0687
Ben RichardsGraduate Student233 Ayres HallEmail
Stefan RichterProfessor322 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4286
Brents RingGraduate StudentAyres Hall 209Email
Timothy RobertsonGraduate StudentAyres 223Email
Roxana Barrios RosalesGraduate Student109 Ayres HallEmail
Jan RosinskiProfessor246 Ayres HallEmail865-974-309
Abner J. SalgadoProfessor214 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4314
Shane SawyerGraduate Student212 Ayres HallEmail
Spencer ScuttGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Chadwick SelfSenior Lecturer226 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4721
Fisher SextonTesting Support Center AssistantG012A2 Ayres HallEmail
Philip SchaeferProfessor Emeritus217 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4228
Tim SchulzeProfessor, Associate Head for Research and Development, Director of Graduate Studies224C Ayres HallEmail865 974-4162
Fernando Schwartz WeinbergerFR-Adjunct Associate Professor and Chief Data Scientist at PrognosEmail
Ioannis SgouralisAssistant Professor323 Ayres HallEmail
Suleman ShahidGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Matthew ShawGraduate StudentM313 Walters Academic BuildingEmail
Lynn ShermanGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Joshua SiktarGraduate Student209 Ayres HallEmail
Henry SimpsonProfessor220 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4350
Daniel SmithGraduate StudentWAB E206Email
Jeremiah SmithGraduate Student191 Hoskins LibraryEmail
Kimberly SmithSenior Lecturer, Math 123 Course Coordinator128 Ayres HallEmail865-974-4333
Kusum SoniProfessor EmeritusEmail
Alexandra SquiresGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Kenneth StephensonProfessor EmeritusEmail
Brittany StoryPostdoctoral AssociateEmail
Christopher StricklandAssistant Professor252 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4290
Jack Ryan SturmLecturerEmail
Kevin SukanekDistinguished Lecturer, Math 131, 132, and 141 Course Coordinator232 Ayres HallEmail865-974-0545
Maggie SullensGraduate Student191 Hoskins LibraryEmail
Carl SundbergProfessor EmeritusEmail
Shel SwensonSenior Lecturer108 Ayres HallEmail865 974-2401
Morwen ThistlethwaiteProfessor239 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4268
Stella ThistlethwaiteLecturer227B Ayres HallEmail865 974-8737
Andreas ThompsonGraduate StudentWAB E202Email
Giuseppe TinagliaFR-Visiting ScholarEmail
Grozdena TodorovaProfessor321 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4323
Anh Tu TranGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Asir Intesar TusharGraduate StudentM313 Walters Academic Bldg Email
Michael UnserenLecturerF229 Walters Academic BuildingEmail
Guillermo Valdeon SauzaGraduate StudentM313 Walters Academic Bldg Email
Vyron VellisAssistant Professor253 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4305
Carl WagnerProfessor Emeritus217 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4228
Ben WalkerIT Administrator IIAyres Hall 224BEmail865 974-5104
Bryan WalkerGraduate Student314 Ayres HallEmail
Bingzhou WangGraduate StudentWAB E206Email
Hanlin WangGraduate StudentM 313 Walters Academic Bldg Email
Michael WaxmonskyGraduate StudentEmail
Janna WellsGraduate StudentEmail
David WhiteTerm Lecturer248 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4312
Samantha WhiteGraduate StudentWAB E206Email
Sam WilsonGraduate StudentM313 Walters Academic Bldg Email
Steve WiseProfessor215 Ayres HallEmail865 974-4289
Calvin WongGraduate StudentWAB E206Email
Alexander WoodenGraduate Student191 Hoskins LibraryEmail
Angela WoofterSenior Computer Support Specialist203 Ayres Hall Email865 974-4345
Carson WrightGraduate StudentAyres 109Email
Gregory WrightSenior Lecturer, Math 115 Course CoordinatorF227 Walters Academic BuildingEmail
Jie XiongFR-Adjunct ProfessorUniversity of MacauEmail
Konstantin YakuninLecturerF237 Walters Academic BuildingEmail
Amber YoungGraduate Student314 Ayres HallEmail
Guannan ZhangJoint Faculty Professor with ORNLEmail865-241-4503
Xiaopeng ZhaoAdjunct Professor of NIMBios/MABE313 Perkins HallEmail