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Honors Day 2023


Dorothea & Edgar D. Eaves Summer Fellowship, presented by Dr. Anne Ho.

The Dorothea and Edgar D. Eaves Summer Fellowships were established in 1977 to encourage high school mathematics teachers to return to the University of Tennessee during the summer to further the study of mathematics.

This year’s winner of the Dorothea and Edgar D. Eaves Summer Fellowship is Latishua Scurlock.

Dr. Harry Row Scholarship, presented by Dr. Anne Ho.

Harry Row was deeply committed to teaching and spent considerable time working with teachers. One of his professional goals was to promote the appropriate use of technology in the teaching of Mathematics. This scholarship funds a teacher who wants to continue the study of Mathematics and preference is given to those who have significantly used technology in their teaching.

This year’s winner of the Harry Row Scholarship is Cody Sartorius.

UT Mathematics Teacher of the Year Award, presented by Dr. Anna Kazanova.

The Department of Mathematics Teacher of the Year Award is given to a local high school mathematics teacher who best exemplifies the knowledge of and enthusiasm for the discipline of mathematics inside the classroom and out.

This year’s winner of the UT Mathematics Teacher of the Year Award is Jacob Davol.


John M. Allen Prizes, presented by Dr. Mat Langford.

Tyler Hall, Franklin Zhang, and Dr. Langford

The Allen Medal in mathematics was originated by John Mebane Allen in 1890 and has since been presented annually. It is noted to be one of the oldest awards given by The University of Tennessee. The Allen Medal is given to recognize freshman students who demonstrate, upon testing, the best knowledge of Algebra, Plane Geometry, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Single Variable Calculus, and/or any other areas of mathematics as may be determined by the department head and select faculty members.

This year’s first-place winner of the Allen Medal prize is Franklin Zhang.
This year’s second-place winner is Tyler Hall.

John H. Barrett Prize, presented by Dr. Remus Nicoara.

Spencer Catron, John Maddox, Dr. Nicoara, and Melaine Trouse

The tradition of the John H. Barrett Prize began in 1970. It is an annual memorial award given to outstanding undergraduate seniors who have a concentration in mathematics or are mathematics majors.


This year’s winners of the John H. Barrett Prize are Spencer Catron, John Maddox, Ye He, Gesa Nestler, and Melaine Trouse.



Cooper D. Schmitt Memorial Scholarship, presented by Dr. Suzanne Lenhart.

Dr. Lenhart, Frank Standaert, Pierluigi Cambie-Fabris, and Elinor Elkington

The Cooper D. Schmitt Endowment was established in 1987. The goal of this fund is to provide undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, and appropriate awards to outstanding students in the Department of Mathematics at The University of Tennessee.


This year’s winners of the Cooper D. Schmitt Memorial Scholarships are Pierluigi Cambie-Fabris, Jason Carmody, Elinor Elkington, and Frank Standaert.


Dr. Glenn R. & Elise I. Young Scholarship, presented by Jack Sturm.

Lukas Carpenter, Francesca Ravelli, and Jack Sturm

The Dr. Glenn R. and Elise I. Young Scholarship was established in 2010. Its purpose is to support Physics or Mathematics majors who demonstrate successful academic performance. Preference is given to juniors. Awards are given in the Mathematics and the Physics Departments.


This year’s winners of the Dr. Glenn R. and Elise I. Young Scholarships are Lukas Carpenter and Francesca Ravelli.


James A. Cooley Scholarship, presented by Dr. Marie Jameson.

Madeline Dorminy, Joshua Douden, and Dr. Jameson

The James A. Cooley Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of James A. Cooley and to help qualified and deserving mathematics students secure a college education. Professor Cooley was Head of the Department of Mathematics from 1942 until he returned to full-time teaching in 1961. Preference is given to students interested in a teaching career.


This year’s winners of the James A. Cooley Scholarships are Madeline Dorminy and Joshua Douden.


Simms Foundation Scholarship, presented by Dr. Dustin Cartwright.

The Simms Foundation Scholarship was created through a generous gift from Carol Sue Simms in 2014. The Simms Foundation Scholarship is a 4-year merit scholarship awarded to an incoming freshman with an excellent high school record who will major in math and has an interest in teaching.

This year’s winner of the Simms Foundation Scholarship is Jacob Nenow.

Polly Anna Harris Scholarship, presented by Dr. Olivia Prosper.

Dr. Prosper and Jacob Knight

This scholarship helps support a future mathematics teacher. Applicants must be fourth-year undergraduate students pursuing a major in mathematics, with the intent to become a high school mathematics teacher. Polly Anna Harris, a former UTK math major, taught at Bearden High School for many years before she retired. She was a recipient of the UT Alumna and Presidential Award for outstanding teaching. This scholarship is sponsored by her family, son, David Harris, MD, who is also a former UTK math major, and his wife Patricia, son, Frank Harris, and wife Abby Avery, daughter, Paula Morrison, also a former UTK math major, and her husband G. Grainger Morrison.

This year’s winners of the Polly Anna Harris Scholarships are Jacob Knight and Zoe Simpson.

Faculty & Staff Honors Scholarship, presented by Dr. Conrad Plaut.

Kristina Wilson, Dr. Plaut, and Joshua Douden

This award is funded by the faculty and staff of the mathematics department. It is awarded to an undergraduate in the Math Honors program who has demonstrated excellent academic performance.


This year’s winners of the Faculty & Staff Honors Scholarships are Joshua Douden and Kristina Wilson.


Lucille & Herbert Lee Memorial Scholarship, presented by Dr. Christopher Strickland.

Nicholas Murray, Nicolette Abate, Dylan Holloway, Ashleigh Clark, Aaron Bailey, Gabriel Johnson, Alex Zhang, and Dr. Strickland

The Lucille and Herbert Lee Scholarship Awards were established in 1986 by a generous endowment from the Lee estate, and are awarded to sophomore and upperclassmen mathematics majors with outstanding records of academic achievement. Herbert E. Lee, who received his Ph.D. from Duke University, taught mathematics at UTK for three decades until his retirement in 1969. He, and his wife Lucille, were cheerful, friendly, outgoing people who always kept students’ welfare in mind.

This year’s winners of the Lucille and Herbert E. Lee Memorial Scholarships are Nicolette Abate, Aaron Bailey, Ashleigh Clark, Dylan Holloway, Gabriel Johnson, Nicholas Murray, and Alex Zhang.

Dr. Warren L. & Kyleen D. Franz Scholarship, presented by Dr. Mike Frazier.

Dr. Frazier, Nicholas Murray, Kristina Wilson, and Lukas Carpenter

The Dr. Warren L. & Kyleen D. Franz Endowed Mathematics Scholarship was established in 2015 to support mathematics majors who demonstrate successful academic performance.


This year’s winners of the Dr. Warren L. & Mrs. Kyleen D. Franz Scholarship are Lukas Carpenter, Nicholas Murray, and Kristina Wilson.


J.P. & Gladys Maples Scholarship, presented by Dr. Stephen Lynch.

Gage Erwin and Dr. Lynch

J. P. and Gladys Maples set up their scholarship endowment fund to encourage scholastic excellence.


This year’s winner of the J.P. and Gladys Maples Scholarship is Gage Erwin.


April Marie Morton Scholarship, presented by Dr. Mat Langford.

Elinor Elkington and Dr. Langford

The April Marie Memorial Scholarship was established in 2021 by Mrs. Sharon Morton in memory of her daughter April who was a Mathematics graduate student who died as a result of a kayaking accident in 2019. The scholarship supports students who are studying Applied Mathematics and have demonstrated financial need.


This year’s winners of the April Marie Morton Scholarships are Jason Carmody and Elinor Elkington.


Dr. Nicoara and Danielle Patenaude

Karen L. Sisk Scholarship, presented by Dr. Remus Nicoara.

This is the first year the Sisk Scholarship is being given. Karen L. Sisk Scholarship is a 4-year award given to incoming students from outside of the four largest metropolitan areas in Tennessee.


This year’s winners of the Karen L. Sisk Scholarships are Lorraine Cutting and Danielle Patenaude.


Kenneth Vann Scholarship, presented by Dr. Conrad Plaut.

The Kenneth Vann Scholarship is a 4-year award for an incoming student with a promising high school record and an intention to study math.

This year’s winners of the Kenneth Vann Scholarships are Tyler Grimes and Maya Mosley.

Puzzler Problem-Solving Award, presented by Dr. Vyron Vellis.

Philip Rosenbalm, Franklin Zhang, and Dr. Vellis

This year, the department began publishing problems, known as “Puzzlers” to math majors and minors. This award recognizes two students who have provided complete and insightful answers to the Puzzlers.


This year’s first-place winner is Philip Rosenbalm.
This year’s second-place winner is Franklin Zhang.


Recognition of Pi Mu Epsilon Tennessee Delta Chapter, presented by Dr. Jochen Denzler

Nicholas Murray, Kristina Wilson, Andrew Testerman, Ashleigh Clark, Gabriel Vaccaro, Francesca Ravelli, Christopher Williamson, Mackenzie Williver, and Dr. Denzler

This year’s Mathematics Department merit-based award membership to the Pi Mu Epsilon Honors Society goes to Kristina Wilson and Nicholas Murray.

This year’s Mathematics Department nominee award winners go to Ashleigh Clark, Parker Edmisten, Virginia Jordan, Francesca Ravelli, Andrew Testerman, Gabriel Vaccaro, Christopher Williamson, and Mackenzie Williver.



Recognition of Putnam Competition Participants, presented by Dr. Jochen Denzler.

Franklin Zhang, Lucas Nelson, Dylan Holloway, Logan Searfoss, and Dr. Denzler

The Putnam Competition is an annual contest among undergraduate students across the United States and Canada.


2022 participants Dylan Holloway, Lucas Nelson, Logan Kage Searfoss, and Franklin Zhang.



Randall E. Cline Award, presented by Dr. Steven Wise.

Dr. Wise, Amber Young, and Ryan Campbell

This award was established by friends and colleagues in memory of Dr. Randall E. Cline. It is to provide student aid for scholarly activities associated with graduate student work in The University of Tennessee Department of Mathematics. Currently enrolled and prospective math graduate students are eligible for the award.


This year’s winners of the Randall E. Cline Awards are Ryan Campbell and Amber Young.


Graduate Student Achievement Award, presented by Dr. Xiaobing Feng

Dr. Feng, Jacob Dennerlein, and Betsy Downs

The goal of these awards is to recognize outstanding academic achievement among graduate students. It was established several years ago to parallel the award for outstanding teaching among graduate students.


This year’s winners of the Graduate Student Academic Achievement Awards are Jacob Dennerlein, Betsy Downs, and Kimberlyn Eversman.


Spike Tickle STEM Endowed Fellowship, presented by Dr. Tim Schulze.

Dr. Schulze, Joshua Siktar, and Liam Bitting

The Spike Tickle Fellowship was established by Mr. John D. “Spike” Tickle to recognize students who have outstanding academic performance and desire to use their talents and education in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM). The award is given to a graduate student in the College of Arts and Sciences to focus on teaching and/or research efforts in mathematics.


This year’s winners of the Spike Tickle STEM Endowed Fellowships are Liam Bitting and Joshua Siktar.

Dorthea & Edgar D. Eaves Teaching Awards, presented by Pam Armentrout.

Pam Armentrout, Barton Gattis, and Jessica Kingsley

The Dorothea and Edgar D. Eaves Awards were established in 1977 in order to recognize outstanding teaching among graduate teaching assistants.


This year’s winners of the Junior Level award are Jessica Kingsley.
This year’s winners of the Senior Level award are Barton Gattis.


GTA Teaching Excellence Fellowship, presented by Dr. Marie Jameson.

John McAlister, Tariquel Islam, Jordan Pellett, Chiara Mattamira, and Dr. Jameson

This award was established in 2019 to recognize excellence in teaching, as well as a significant contribution to the undergraduate education mission of the Department of Mathematics. The award is designed to encourage Math GTAs to deepen their involvement in the educational mission of the department.


This year’s winners of the Math GTA Teaching Excellence Fellowships are Chiara Mattamira John McAlister, Jordan Pellett, and Mohammad Tariquel Islam.


SIAM UTK Graduate Student Research Showcase, presented by Maggie Sullens and Charlotte Beckford.

Kelechi Akwataghibe, Johannes Krotz, Chiara Mattamira, and Maggie Sullens

The SIAM UTK Graduate Student Research Showcase is a presentation competition established in 2021 that showcases the research of current graduate students and their advisors. Presentations are 20 minutes in length with 5 minutes for questions and are judged by a panel.


This year’s first-place winner is Johannes Krotz.
This year’s second-place winner is Kelechi Akwataghibe.
This year’s third-place winner is Chiara Mattamira.

Yueh-er, Hong-hsu & Clarence Cheng Kuo Fellowship, presented by Dr. Alex Freire.

Chris Hellman, Maruf Lawal, and Dr. Freire

The Yueh-er, Hong-hsu, and Clarence Cheng Kuo Fellowship Endowment was established in 2003 by Dr. Yueh-er Kuo to promote Masters’ degree education in the Department of Mathematics. Yueh-er Kuo was a professor in the Department of Mathematics since 1964. She was an expert in educating Masters’ degree students in addition to her own research. She had 56 thesis and project students and many of them are very successful in their careers. Hong-hsu Kuo was the husband of Yueh-er Kuo and was a professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Clarence Cheng Kuo was the son of Yueh-er and Hong-hsu. He was a brilliant model student at the University Nursery School. This award is given to graduate students with outstanding academic merit.

This year’s winners of the Yueh-er, Hong-hsu, and Clarence Cheng Kuo Fellowships are Chris Hellman and Maruf Lawal.


Ann S. Keith (Rea) Math Faculty Teaching Award, presented by Leigh Pearcy.

Leigh Pearcy and Dr. Frazier

This award goes to a professor who has done an exceptional job teaching a course for graduate students this school year. A generous gift from Mrs. Ann S. Keith Rea helps to support the award. Voted on by the graduate students, this award is meant to recognize the work and dedication a professor has given to help students understand the course material.

This year’s winner of the MGSC Teaching Award is Dr. Mike Frazier.


Math Graduate Student Council Service Award, presented by John McAlister.

John McAlister and Ben Walker

This award goes to a professor or staff member who goes above and beyond to mentor, advise, or in general help graduate students this year in a non-teaching capacity. Again, the winner is chosen by a vote of graduate students.


This year’s winner of the MGSC Service Award is Ben Walker.


Society of Actuaries, Exam P, presented by Dr. Dustin Cartwright.

Smit Patel and Kevin Farmer

Exam P is a comprehensive exam on the concepts in probability and their application to actuarial science.

Kevin Farmer and Smit Patel


Staff of the Year Award, presented by Dr. Jeneva Clark.

This award is being given for the first time this year and recognizes outstanding work by a departmental staff member. Nominations were taken from the department and decided by a committee of faculty.


This year’s winner of the Staff of the Year Award is Pam Armentrout.



Graduates of the Mathematics Honors Program

Spencer Catron
Ye He
John Maddox
Gesa Nestler
Lauren Proctor
Nathaniel Sheets
Adalynn Taylor                  

Graduate Program Graduates

M.M. Graduates

Jacob Davol
Gabrielle De Jesus
Candace Dillin
Madelyn Harriger
Hubert Harris
Wendy Jones
Michelle Keating
Michelle Millerberg
Sarah Pigman
Katherine Roberts
Dayle Warren

M.S. Graduates

Bernardo Ameneyro
Hannah Conner
Patrick Gillespie
Jacob Honeycutt
Jessica Kingsley
Maruf Lawal
John McAlister
Jewel Jolly Miles
Daniel Smith
Bryan Walker

Ph.D. Graduates

Liam Bitting
Jacob Dennerlein
Betsy Downs
David Elzinga
Apostolos Gournaris
Justin Groves
Michael Hanson
Alex Lacy
Eddie Mitchell
Sandra Nguemto Guiawa
Leigh Pearcy
Sathyana Rengaswami
Timothy Robertson
Jeremiah Smith