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Graduate & Teacher Scholarships and Awards

Graduate Scholarships and Awards

These scholarships are made by faculty nomination. The nomination process opens February 1 and closes March 8.

For faculty: To nominate a graduate student use the online form.

(2 awards per year)
The goal of these awards is to recognize outstanding academic achievement among graduate students. It was established several years ago to parallel the award for outstanding teaching among graduate students.

(2 awards per year)
The Dorothea and Edgar D. Eaves Awards were established in 1977 in order to recognize outstanding teaching among graduate teaching assistants.

(4 awards per year)
This award was established in 2019 to recognize excellence in teaching, as well as significant contribution to the undergraduate education mission of the Department of Mathematics. The award is designed to encourage Math GTAs to deepen their involvement in the educational mission of the department.

(1-2 awards per year)
This award was established by friends and colleagues in memory of Dr. Randall E. Cline. It is to provide student aid for scholarly activities associated with graduate student work. Currently enrolled and prospective math graduate students are eligible for the award.

(1-2 awards per year)
The Yueh-er, Hong-hsu and Clarence Cheng Kuo Fellowship Endowment was awarded for the first time in April 2006. The Endowment itself was established in 2003 by Dr. Yueh-er Kuo to promote Master’s degree education in the Department of Mathematics and to honor the memory of Hong-hsu and Clarence Cheng Kuo. The Fellowship recognizes an outstanding Master’s degree (MS) student specializing in mathematics. Professor Yueh-er Kuo had been a professor in the Department of Mathematics since 1964. She is an expert in educating master’s degree students in addition to her own research. She had 56 thesis and project students and many of them are very successful in their careers. Hong-hsu Kuo, the husband of Yueh-er, was a professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Clarence Cheng Kuo, the son of Yueh-er and Hong-hsu, was a brilliant model student of the University of Tennessee Nursery School.

The recipient(s) of the Fellowship Endowment must be a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Mathematics (those getting an MS on the way to PhD are also eligible). Performance in course work at the Master’s degree level and recommendations from the faculty teaching those courses or involved with the students’ research will be the primary basis for the selection.

Teacher Scholarships and Awards

These scholarships are made by faculty nomination. The nomination process opens February 1 and closes March 8.

(2-3 awards per year)
These awards, established in 1977, are designed to encourage high school mathematics teachers to return to the university to further their mathematical education.

Edgar D. Eaves, who received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas in 1939, taught mathematics at UT for nearly 50 years. His teaching reputation, which was legendary, was honored by an Alumni Associate Teaching Award. He was also author of a popular text in freshman mathematics, published by Allyn and Bacon, which went through many editions. Edgar and his wife Dorothea, were pleasant, outgoing people who always valued good teaching and good training.

(1 award per year)
This award recognizes teachers who want to continue the study of mathematics with preference given to those who have significantly used technology in their teaching.

Harry Row, who received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin in 1969, taught at UT until his untimely death in 1999. He was deeply committed to teaching and spent considerable time working with teachers. One of his professional goals was to promote the appropriate use of technology in the teaching of mathematics.

(1 award per year)
This award recognizes an outstanding mathematics teacher at any level K-12 with current ties to UT (e.g., currently taking classes, supervising teaching interns). If all goes well this will include a monetary award as well as a certificate from the department.

Recipients of these awards and prizes are selected on a competitive basis by a committee of Mathematics Department faculty members who meet during Spring Semester each year. The application process will open February 1 and will close on March 8 for scholarships for the following academic year.

Winners are announced in April at the annual Mathematics Department Honors Reception.

External Scholarships/Funding

TMTA offers a scholarship for future math teachers, no matter what level. The only requirement is that the major is Math, Math Ed, or Elementary Ed with a commitment to teach math in TN. Interested parties should contact David Atkins, of Walters State Community College at The deadline is May 1.