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Christopher Strickland

Associate Professor


The focus of my research is on developing mathematics to model and analyze how behavioral patterns and species-environment interactions give rise to population-wide phenomenon. My work often occurs within the context of epidemic and invasion dynamics, and the approach I use to study each problem is highly motivated by the scientific setting. I typically utilize a diverse range of mathematical tools including scientific computing, mathematical and probabilistic modeling, agent-based modeling, network theory, dynamical systems, and Bayesian inference. A persistent goal in my research is to develop models which rigorously link to data to provide actionable, scientific insight into the systems I am studying. For this reason, collaboration and interdisciplinary research is a critical part of my work.

Current and recent research projects include epidemic and individual-based modeling of fentanyl, prescription opioid, and alcohol use disorders, wind- and water-based movement of organisms under various behavioral regimes, and the population dynamics of various ecological systems under the effects of climate change or different management scenarios.



Ph.D., Colorado State University

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