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Mathematical Biology

Welcome to the Mathematical Biology Group Page!

Math BiologyThe faculty and students of the Math Biology group in the Department of Mathematics are interested in a range of captivating research questions that require working closely at the interface of mathematics and biology. Historically, the group has rich roots in Mathematical Ecology and has maintained this connection while also expanding into various fields of biology and representing multiple mathematical areas.

The faculty featured on this page have appointments within the Mathematics Department; however, with the establishment in 2008 of the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS), they are linked to a larger group of faculty all across campus involved in Math Biology research and activities. For a broader view of the various programs and faculty across UT’s campus supporting quantitative biology in general, visit:

The PhD graduate program in Mathematics at UT includes an option for students to obtain a Mathematics PhD degree with a Concentration in Mathematical Ecology (soon to be renamed Concentration in Mathematical Biology to more accurately reflect the program and the research of our students). More information about the UT PhD graduate program can be obtained here. In addition to various seminars and special talks that happen around campus, each semester a UT faculty member hosts the department’s Mathematical Biology Seminar (cross listed seminar with EEB). Each semester we explore a different topic and the format includes opportunities for students to engage and participate.