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Tutoring Options

There are several FREE tutoring resources available to UT students. The Math Place offers drop in tutoring support, both day and night, for students to get help on demand while other entities on campus offer 1-on-1 appointment based tutoring.

Private Tutoring

For anyone, UT student or not, looking for private 1-on-1 for pay tutoring the UT Math Department keeps a contact list of of self identified math tutors. This list is kept as a courtesy and is not an endorsement of these tutors. The Math Department is in no way involved with or responsible for any interactions between you and the tutors on the list.

The UT Math Department Private Tutor list contains a combination of graduate students, faculty and retired faculty (approximately 25 at the time this document originated).

To request a private tutor (for PAY), send an email to . The email should include the following information.

  • name
  • best way to contact (email/ phone)
  • specific math (algebra, Math 119….)
  • when tutoring needs to start (if we are in the middle of finals, that may affect tutor availability)
  • how long (next 2 years, next 2 months)
  • how frequent (3 times a week, 7 times a week)
  • duration (30 minutes, 3 hours)
  • budget range (tutors generally charge a per hour rate) if applicable

Tutors who are available/interested will respond to your email. You will then work out the details of when, where, what fee, etc., on an individual basis with that tutor. These tutors are hired by you on an individual basis and are not contracted through the UT Math Department.